A New Campaign: Catholics Confront Global Poverty

usccbcrsThe Ladies of Charity of the United States of America have been invited to partner with the United States Catholic Conference of Bishop’s Committee on International Justice and Peace, and Catholic Relief Services to promote a new initiative: Catholics Confront Global Poverty. This endeavor aims to mobilize one million Catholics in the United States to confront global poverty by defending the life and dignity of people living in poverty throughout the world, and to urge our nation to act in response to the many faces of poverty through advocacy and action.

“Effective means to redress the marginalization of the world’s poor through globalization will only be found if people everywhere feel personally outraged by the injustices in the world and by the concomitant violations of human rights.”
Pope Benedict XVI’s 2009 World Day of Peace Message

The initiative focuses its efforts on seven key areas: U.S. international assistance, peacekeeping, debt relief, fair trade, natural resource extraction, migration and global climate change. This effort provides ways for Catholics to confront these global poverty issues by praying, learning, acting and giving.

For more information, please visit the Catholics Confront Global Poverty website:

www.usccb.org/globalpoverty or www.crs.org/

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