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These YouTube videos and SlideShare resources can be used as reflections for a meeting.

For many more resources like this, see Famvin’s VinFormation website.

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The Genius of St. Vincent in Recognizing Lay Women

Famvin article on the book by Alison Forrestal, “Vincent de Paul, the Lazarist Mission, and French Catholic Reform” (Oxford Press), that points to Vincent’s genius in adapting pastoral strategies to new situations and pioneering the role of women. especially through the Confraternities of Charity (today, the AIC/Ladies of Charity).

Welcoming the Stranger

Links to Famvin’s series of articles on Welcoming the Stranger:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Slide Shows

Famvin is running a 10-part series for the 400th Anniversary, called “Contributions of the Vincentian Charism to the Mission of the Church”. These essays and accompanying PowerPoints describe all the unique innovative aspects of the charism that St. Vincent and St. Louise initiated. Two of the slide shows are below. To view the rest of the series, click here.

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The following beautiful meditation on the Way of the Cross, written by Sr. Therese MacKinnon, D.C., combines the passion of Jesus as portrayed in the Stations of the Cross, and Jesus’ message from the Gospel of St. Matthew on the last judgment: “Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least ones of mine, you did it for me.” Matt. 25:40. The meaning of this scripture passage is summarized in the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy.

This Way of the Cross correlates a work of mercy with each Station of the Cross, and a quote from St. Louise de Marillac is included with each station. Thank you to the Daughters of Charity for making this available online.


  • Way of the Cross Artwork by Sr. Mary Polutanovich, D.C.
  • Photos by Sr. Claire Sweeney, D.C. &  Sr. Therese MacKinnon, D.C.
  • Script by Sr. Therese MacKinnon, D.C.
  • Originally published on website
  • Adapted for online presentation by
Daughters of Charity
4330 Olive Street
St. Louis, MO 63108-2622

This Way of the Cross is also available for download as a PDF file in the following languages:


Pentecost Meditation

Reflect: How will I allow the Holy Spirit to transform my mind and heart, and ignite my will to serve Christ in the poor, in the days ahead?

St. Louise was a strong leader and organizer, but with a feminine and tender side; she observed and then took action; she was a bridge between social classes; she had a collaborative leadership style; she was a skilled motivator; she trusted others; she was able to turn her own problems into positive energy; she was creative and took risks when necessary; she turned rejection into positive action; and she had a unique style of conflict resolution.

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