Junior Ladies lend a Helping Hand in New Orleans

Junior Ladies are blessed at the start of their journey.
The journey began with a blessing.

n-o-1The Junior Ladies of Charity from St. Vincent/Guardian Angel, St. Louis, just returned from a trip to New Orleans where they helped two families refurbish their homes. The girls scraped and painted two houses and added the finishing touches that made the houses home again.

The girls raised the money to make their dream of helping the victims of Katrina come true. The project was selected by the n-o-2n-o-3Helping Hands program created by the Catholic Charities of New Orleans to help victims of Katrina.

They found New Orleans recovering and the citizens were very optimistic about their future. Everyone they met thanked them for their efforts and one even treated them to a snack one night.

n-o-4n-o-4aThe girls also spent one day at St. Joseph’s parish helping with their outreach programs. Father Perry Henry met with the girls and explained how volunteers are meeting the needs of the homeless in New Orleans. Father gave the girls a tour of St. Joseph’s and said he is looking forward to seeing them in St. Louis soon.

n-o-7The motto to serve rather than be served truly came to life for the girls in New Orleans. It was agreed that they would return next summer.

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