More Information About the Junior Ladies of Charity

During the nineteenth century in France and in Italy many groups of young girls were engaged in various charitable works, but the group did not come into existence officially until November 1909. The junior branch is canonically attached to the Ladies of Charity and is composed of young people and young adults (ages vary from elementary school through high school and is determined by the moderator). This branch should be encouraged not only for the good accomplished, but also as a potential source of future Ladies of Charity.

Junior Ladies of Charity strive to provide their service to those who are poor with the spirit of humility, simplicity and charity. They recognize that their gifts and talents are received from God. They are grateful and place these gifts in the service of others. They create bonds of friendship among the other members of their organization and work collaboratively for the benefit of those they serve.

Meetings of Junior Ladies of Charity give “heart” to their service and their relationships with each other. It is during the course of their meetings that they pray and reflect on how God is/has been present to them in their service to God’s less fortunate ones. They take time to look at the causes which create the poverty in those they serve and determine if they can be part of the solution to create change. It is in these meetings where their work is planned and organized. They strive to seek together ways that they can grow in the virtues of humility, simplicity and love. They meet in a spirit of friendship and loyalty. They ask Mary to be their model and intercessor. In all things they strive to let the gospel rule their hearts.