Madagascar Appeal


Please continue your support of the life-changing projects dedicated to the wellbeing of the people of Madagascar in the hopes of a better tomorrow.


Distribution during COVID-19

In 2003, the Ladies of Charity of the United States of America (LCUSA) began a national ongoing twinning project with the International Association of Charities of St. Vincent de Paul (AIC) in Madagascar, an island nation off the southeast coast of Africa.

AIC Madagascar is specifically targeted towards women and their children.

The mothers of Madagascar face similar concerns for the success of their families. They too strive to provide a better life for their children by ensuring they attend school; schools built by AIC in small communities where poverty is rampant.  The women are also provided an opportunity to expand their own education through literacy classes creating the confidence to serve as role models for their children and other women.

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Training for women
Cottage built for a widow, with her children
Cantine for children