What is Zafen.org?

As part of our worldwide celebration of the 350th anniversary of the deaths of Sts. Louise and Vincent, the Vincentian Family has initiated a project, in partnership with Fonkoze, to empower sustainable, economic development in Haiti. Zafen, Creole for “It’s our business,” brings together a global community of lenders and donors who believe in the power of entrepreneurship to bolster the Haitian community and to create jobs for those living in some of the poorest conditions in the world.

Zafen is a unique opportunity to make a long-term difference in rebuilding Haiti . . .

  • Loans/donations give individuals a chance to build resources and to exit conditions of poverty.
  • Loans/donations are directed to projects in Haiti, rather than to individuals, encouraging greater long-term success.
  • Contributors are linked in real-time to projects that need funding and can track their loan− “plant a seed” and watch it grow.

To participate, here are a few pre-planning tips:

  • Discuss with your group the type(s) of project(s) to support either as lenders or donors.
  • Consider forming lending/donor groups to support larger projects.
  • Share with “non-Vincentian” members information about this unique opportunity to contribute to sustainable, economic development in Haiti.

Zafen.org launched worldwide on April 1, 2010. We invite LCUSA members and friends to visit their site and learn more.

Issued by Members of the Vincentian Family Board for the Pilot Micro-Credit Project in Haiti: Mr. Eduardo Almeida, SVDP; Ms. Yasmine Cajuste, VMY; Ms. Jacqueline Casseus, AIC; Sr. Cecile Compere, DC; Fr. Joseph Foley, CM; Prof. Laura Hartman, DePaul University; Fr. Robert Maloney, CM.