Get Daily Reflection on Your Mobile Phone or Tablet

Step 1

Scan the code:


Note– If you are unfamiliar with scanning codes using your smartphone, here are some links to further information:

Google Search for ‘QR reader app’ · What is a QR code? · Find a free QR reader app

If you do not wish to scan the code, you can simply type the following web address into your phone’s internet browser:

Step 2

Save the Daily Reflection link to your home screen for easy future access. Instructions:

On iPhone and iPad

Tap the iphone-menu-icon, or “+” sign (depending on which generation your device is), and then “Add to Home Screen”.


On Android

  1. Bookmark the page (tap the bookmark icon at upper right of browser screen), then select Add.
  2. Long-press the bookmark and then select “Add shortcut to Home.”