Association Reference Manual (ARM)


Through many hours of collaborative work, the Association President’s Handbook was renamed in 2016 to the Association Reference Manual (ARM) [available electronically or in hard-copy].

ARM serves as a complete reference, replacing former smaller handbooks. It is a comprehensive guide to the association president and officers as representatives of their association and as members of LCUSA-AIC.

The Association Reference Manual (ARM) provides:

  • A list of frequently asked questions with answers
  • Guidelines and suggestions for the associations
  • An overview of our mission, LCUSA history, LCUSA’s Strategic plan, the national board’s responsibilities and other pertinent national-based information
  • Information about LCUSA’s membership in the worldwide International Association of Charities (AIC)
  • A section on the Junior Ladies of Charity
  • The importance of advocacy
  • Suggested Vincentian spiritual activities
  • Forms related to operational procedures

To download the latest edition of the ARM (August 2023), please go to our Members’ Corner (password required).