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Urge Our Government Leaders To Protect Children Migrating Alone

Our Catholic bishops and our Vincentian leadership are asking us to join them in advocating to the President and Congress to protect the vulnerable children who are migrating to the United States, unaccompanied by adults because of violence in certain countries of Central America. An urgent message is being sent this week to all LCUSA […]

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UPDATE: Migration at the US-Mexican Border

Maura Bonnarens, Advocacy Liaison-West, reports that the USCCB would like to identify “people of good will” who are willing to house families that either have no relatives in the US or have relatives but the relatives are unable to support them. For those that would like to assist, but are unable to house a family, […]

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Make Your Voice Heard

As you are aware from recent e-blasts, the Church is very concerned about the unaccompanied minors who are at the southern US border in record numbers. You can make your voice heard with other members of the Vincentian family. Please act today! One easy to access tool is Capwiz which is web-based. Through Capwiz, you can easily send […]

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Children Migrating Alone: LCUSA Response to a Growing Crisis

As you are aware, there is a growing crisis at the US southern borders. Thousands of migrants are trying to gain access to the United States; many of them are children, unaccompanied by adults or legal guardians. On June 20, LCUSA and other organizations were asked to participate in a webinar to learn how we […]

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This Mother’s Day, Let’s Raise the Minimum Wage

Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day by asking Congress to pass higher wage standards that could lift hardworking mothers and their children out of poverty. Women make up two-thirds of the minimum-wage workforce in America, and millions of the minimum-wage-earning moms are primary providers with young children. If Congress acted to pass a minimum wage increase and […]

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