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The Ladies of Charity, founded 400 years ago by St. Vincent de Paul in France, began by caring for the sick. At this time in our history a great need exists, which takes us back to our roots. Many members in our society are living longer but are debilitated and need help with their day-to-day living. Others are chronically ill or have a disability and wish to live as full a life as possible. These individuals have much to teach us about courage, endurance, strength and what it means to be human.

Our health-care system is excellent in providing acute, short-term care but there are insufficient resources available for long-term care. Studies show that we will need 1.8 million more home care workers in the near future. The call of the Ladies of Charity is to recognize need and to respond. So we’ve begun our Caregiver Initiative to provide quality care for clients in need and quality jobs for caregivers. Our eventual goal is that when someone, anywhere in the United States, thinks of quality, compassionate, holistic, mission-driven homecare, they think of the Ladies of Charity. Together we can make a difference.

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